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ISO Consulting Services For Construction, Events, and Property Industries
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We specialise in providing comprehensive support and guidance to help organisations achieve ISO certifications. With our expertise, we ensure that your operations meet international standards, enhancing quality, safety, and business resilience.

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ISO Certification

Our ISO support

Our team of experienced professionals understand the importance of ISO certifications in demonstrating your commitment to excellence, compliance, and continual improvement. We have in-depth knowledge of ISO standards relevant to the construction, events, and property industries. By leveraging our expertise, we help organisations navigate the ISO certification process with ease and achieve tangible benefits.

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ISO certifications

ISO 9001: Quality Management System

We provide comprehensive support to help organisations establish and maintain ISO 9001 certification, the international standard for quality management systems. Our services include gap analysis, documentation assistance, process improvement guidance, internal auditing, and preparation for certification audits. By implementing ISO 9001 within the construction, events and property industries, you can enhance your customer satisfaction, optimise processes, and drive organisational efficiency.

ISO 14001: Environmental Management System

Safeguard the environment, establish customer confidence, and fulfil your legal responsibilities by adopting an ISO 14001 environmental management system in your business. Preserving the environment is vital for businesses in the construction, events, and property industry. Numerous organisations now demand their suppliers have explicit environmental management strategies. By implementing ISO 14001 policies, you can showcase your unwavering dedication to minimising your business’s environmental footprint. The ISO 14001 standard offers a globally recognised framework for establishing an environmental management system (EMS). Any organisation can utilise this standard to minimise waste, enhance resource efficiency, and reduce expenses associated with waste management.

ISO 45001: Occupational Health and Safety Management System

Our ISO 45001 consulting services focus on helping organisations establish and maintain a robust occupational health and safety management system. We assist with risk assessments, policy development, legal compliance, employee engagement, training, and certification readiness. By achieving ISO 45001 certification for your construction projects and events, you can prioritise the well-being of your workforce, minimise workplace hazards, and ensure compliance with relevant regulations.

ISO 14064 (part 3): Greenhouse Gas Validation

We offer ISO 14064 (part 3) for events only which is a standard that pertains to greenhouse gas (GHG) validation and verification. It provides guidelines for organisations and accreditation bodies involved in verifying and validating GHG assertions, such as emissions inventories or reduction projects. ISO 14064 (part 3) specifies the requirements for competence, consistency, and impartiality in conducting GHG validation and verification activities. It ensures that the processes and procedures followed by validation and verification bodies are reliable, transparent, and in compliance with internationally accepted practices.

ISO 20121: Sustainable Event Management

ISO 20121 is a standard developed for sustainable event management. It provides a framework that helps event organisers integrate sustainability practices into all aspects of event planning, execution, and evaluation. ISO 20121 enables event organisers to address the social, economic, and environmental impacts associated with their events. By implementing this standard, organisations can effectively and sustainably manage their events while considering the expectations of stakeholders and meeting legal requirements. By adopting ISO 20121, event organisers can enhance their reputation, demonstrate their commitment to sustainability, and contribute to broader sustainability goals. The standard provides a globally recognised benchmark for best practices in event sustainability management.

ISO 22301: Security and Resilience

ISO 22301 is an international standard for business continuity management (BCM) systems. It provides a framework for organisations to establish, implement, maintain, and continually improve their systems and processes to ensure they can effectively respond to and recover from disruptive incidents or disasters.

ISO 26000: Social Responsibility

ISO 26000 is an international standard providing guidance on social responsibility. It helps event organisations understand and address their social responsibilities by considering stakeholders and the impact of their actions on society and the environment. It covers areas such as organisational governance, human rights, labour practices, environmental sustainability, fair operating practices, consumer issues, and community involvement. ISO 26000 assists organisations in integrating social responsibility into their events, fostering transparency, ethical behaviour, and accountability. By following ISO 26000, event organisations can enhance their reputation, build trust, and contribute to sustainable and socially responsible practices for the benefit of society.

ISO 27001: Information Security

ISO 27001 provides a framework for establishing, implementing, maintaining, and continually improving an ISMS to manage the security of an event’s information assets. We offer ISO 27001 to help event organisations identify and assess security risks, establish security controls and safeguards, and implement a comprehensive management system to protect their information assets from unauthorised access, disclosure, alteration, and destruction. It covers areas such as information security policies, risk management, incident management, access control, and ongoing monitoring and review.

ISO 30415: Human Resource Management

ISO 30415 is a globally acknowledged standard that specifically emphasises the significance of diversity and inclusion in the workplace within the realm of HR management. The purpose of ISO 30415 is to broaden the scope of diversity and inclusion, shedding light on areas that may be important to certain groups but overlooked by others. The framework is adaptable, tailored to meet your unique needs, and aimed at fostering constructive transformation.

PAS2060: Carbon Neutrality

PAS 2060 is a specification developed by the British Standards Institution (BSI) that provides guidelines for achieving and demonstrating carbon neutrality. It outlines the requirements and processes for event organisations to quantify, reduce, and offset their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions to achieve carbon-neutral status.

PAS 2060 sets criteria for calculating and reporting the carbon footprint of an event, including direct and indirect emissions. It also establishes guidelines for implementing emission reduction measures and the use of offsetting projects to balance any remaining emissions. The standard emphasises transparency, accuracy, and integrity in measuring and verifying carbon neutrality claims.

By following the guidelines of PAS 2060, event organisers can demonstrate their commitment to managing and reducing their carbon emissions, contributing to global efforts to combat climate change. It provides a framework for event organisations to set goals, implement strategies, and communicate their carbon neutrality achievements to stakeholders and the public.

Enhance Quality, Safety and Business Resilience

Achieve ISO certification

We would love to support you on your ISO certification journey. Contact us today to explore how our ISO consulting services can help your organisation enhance quality, safety, and business resilience. Together, let’s build a foundation for sustainable success and meet the highest international standards in your industry.

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