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Building assessment methods
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Environmental Accreditations

Sustainable building practices

These standardised frameworks, such as BREEAM, LEED, SKA, Fitwel, WELL and NABERS, enable building owners to showcase a commitment to environmental responsibility. This commitment enables them to drive innovation, differentiate buildings and enhance market values. These assessment methods emphasise energy and resource efficiency, whilst contributing to healthier indoor environments.

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Experienced team of consultants and assessors

Partnering with Alphacello throughout your project certification ensures an efficient and expert-guided process, optimising strategies and mitigating risks. Our specialised knowledge and experience streamlines certification, simplifies the information, whilst maximising points achieved and providing cost-effective, tailored solutions for sustained environmental performance.

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If you have a project that requires an environmental assessment or help with an existing assessment, please send your project information to and we would be happy to offer a free pre assessment.

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Shaping the future of sustainable building practices

Environmental assessment methods like BREEAM, SKA, LEED, Fitwel, Well, and NABERS are vital for shaping the future of sustainable building practices. Serving as global benchmarks, these methods establish consistent standards for assessing environmental impact, energy efficiency, and occupant well-being.

These considerations drive the reduction of buildings’ overall environmental footprint and achieving certification not only ensures regulatory compliance but also differentiates properties in the market, attracting tenants or buyers who value sustainability.

These methods contribute to occupant satisfaction and productivity by promoting healthy building environments, and they encourage continuous improvement in the industry.
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Our company ethos is built around 4 key pillars:

Technical knowledge & competency

With a team of skilled professionals, we embrace challenges, deliver precise solutions, and empower clients, staying at the forefront of our field. This pillar fuels our continuous learning, guiding us towards lasting success and meaningful impact.

Communication and client support

By listening attentively and communicating transparently, we build strong partnerships. This pillar ensures tailored solutions and unwavering support, fostering trust and solidifying our reputation as a dependable partner.

Commercial understanding of projects

We fuse technical excellence with business acumen, ensuring our solutions align with client goals. By navigating market dynamics, we deliver innovative and economically viable results, epitomising our commitment to client success.

Aesthetic design lead delivery

We seamlessly integrate form and aesthetics, meticulously devising solutions that are clear and straightforward. Our commitment to design excellence ensures every project is an enjoyable experience.

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