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Building modelling and certification to predict and confirm performance.
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Energy Modelling

The importance of energy modelling

Dynamic building models and certifications act as powerful tools for building stakeholders to optimise performance, enhance sustainability and create more resilient, efficient structures.

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The importance of building energy modelling

In light of the growing stringency of energy performance regulations, it is increasingly vital to develop our understanding of building functionality. The design and occupancy of buildings directly influence their energy and thermal performance, with energy modelling proving instrumental in navigating these regulations.

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Energy modelling in action

Commencing energy modelling during the design phase is imperative, steering subsequent developments in design and construction. For existing buildings, modelling emerges as a valuable tool, enabling the assessment and prioritisation of cost-effective strategies to curtail carbon emissions. Our energy modelling services empower clients to gain comprehensive insights into their buildings and strategically prioritise effective actions, encompassing a range of methods to optimise energy efficiency and reduce environmental impact.

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