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BRE, or Building Research Establishment, is a UK-based research and consultancy organization that focuses on sustainability and innovation in the built environment. Founded in 1921, BRE has played a significant role in shaping the construction industry in the UK and around the world.

BRE’s work covers a wide range of topics related to sustainable construction, including energy efficiency, building materials, health and wellbeing, and environmental impact. The organization provides research, testing, certification, and training services to support the development of sustainable buildings and communities.

One of BRE’s most well-known contributions to sustainable construction is the BREEAM certification program. BREEAM, or Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method, is a comprehensive sustainability certification system that assesses the environmental impact of buildings across a range of categories, including energy, water, materials, and pollution.
BREEAM certification is recognized internationally as a leading standard for sustainable construction, with more than 2.3 million buildings certified worldwide. The program is designed to encourage the use of sustainable building practices and technologies, and to help building owners and operators reduce the environmental impact of their properties.

BRE also offers a range of other certification programs, including Home Quality Mark (for residential buildings), CEEQUAL (for civil engineering and infrastructure projects), and BREEAM In-Use (for assessing the sustainability performance of existing buildings).

In addition to its certification programs, BRE conducts research and testing on a wide range of topics related to sustainable construction. The organization’s research is focused on developing innovative solutions to some of the most pressing sustainability challenges facing the construction industry today.
BRE’s research covers a wide range of topics, from improving the energy efficiency of buildings to developing new materials and technologies that can help reduce the environmental impact of construction. The organization also provides consultancy services to businesses and governments looking to develop sustainable building policies and strategies.


Overall, BRE’s work has had a significant impact on the development of sustainable construction practices and technologies. The organization’s research, certification programs, and consultancy services have helped to raise awareness of the importance of sustainability in the built environment, and have provided practical solutions to help reduce the environmental impact of construction.

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